Take Online Marketing One Step Further:

5 Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Online marketing can’t be ignored. No one is arguing the power of successful and effective marketing and for a reason.

A well-executed advertising and marketing campaign can serve the purposes of any business and grow the demand for the products they offer.

However, times have changed and while the need for promotion is important, where digital marketing is most effective has significantly changed.

If you want to go where customers are, you need to be online. The influence of the digital landscape has been growing and today it is a virtual space for the vast majority of people in the world.

Wondering how to take online marketing further? How to improve your strategies and hopefully double the sales?

5 Digital Marketing Trends You Shouldn’t Miss in 2019

Miss in 2019

Marketers are constantly trying to change and innovate and they push boundaries to get business’ message across their customers.

This change has completely turned the focus of traditional marketing strategies like TV commercials and print media. The world is going digital, and we can do nothing about it.

Today, online marketing has evolved into a mainstream platform. It has become absolutely necessary for marketers to stay up to speed with the ever-changing digital marketing trends and plan their strategies right.

Here is an update of the newest online marketing trends that will change the marketing landscape in the near future.


1.Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is, believe it or not, one of the most popular online marketing trends and according to the experts, it is only going to grow more in the years to come. This trend has been adopted by online marketers as they understand its incredible benefits.

According to one study, more than 50% of marketers said that influencers will be integrated into all activities related to marketing. More than 30% of marketers expect their budgets predicted for influencer marketing to increase.

Consumers today trust recommendations and opinions about products, especially when it comes to popular influencers.

So, if you haven’t already adopted this trend, you should do, right now.

The ability to find influencers, ones who are related to your business niche, will determine your marketing campaign’s success.

Experiment with social media, influencer product reviews, testimonials, and more.

2. ChatBot Use Will Grow

Chatbots are specially designed software that act as virtual porters communicating with customers and helping them in finding a solution to their problems. Chatbots interact with customers in a natural and friendly way, through the use of text chat windows, verbal interactions, and more.

By now, chatbots are used on Facebook by hundreds of thousands of people for all kinds of tasks. From automating customer support to providing weather reports, all kinds of functions can be handled by this software.

Chatbots allow customized shopping experience, focused interactions, and much more. Their positive effect is showing an increase in usage and we hope to see that use growing in 2019.

3. Video Digital Marketing: A Must

In the US only, a total of 73% engage with YouTube. Pretty impressive, right?

In other words, more than half of all US-citizens are watching videos online and most of those videos are created because of digital marketing.

Even though YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for videos, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t add videos on Facebook, your website or blog.

Today, a video is paired with some of the most valuable and incredibly accurate user metrics of online media to deliver more useful data on how efforts are performing. YouTube is a great digital marketing tool. By taking advantage of it, you can convey a lot of data and your business’s personality with video.

Stick to the basics of high-quality video production and you will gain impressive results.

4. Interactive Content

More than 80% of Americans want businesses to push boundaries, especially when it comes to customer service.

Online shoppers today prefer businesses that are setting new rules and standards for them.

Video content, blog posts, social media will drive website traffic, however, they are not unique solutions shoppers crave about. Check out Shopify Interactive Platform for you online store.

We live in a modern time and taking advantage of visual content like AR and VR in your marketing strategies will take digital marketing further.

With interactive AR and VR marketing strategies, you can offer your customers a fascinating experience, something they have never seen before.

Believe it or not, it is not so difficult to incorporate VR or AR in your marketing efforts. You can do it by using ecommerce platforms like Shopify.

Shopify designed an app that allows people to customize their products online.

5. Personalized Emails

Email was and will continue to be a very important channel of communication for personal, business, legal, industrial, academic, and scientific purposes.

What are we trying to say is that email, ladies, and gentlemen, is here to stay.

Email marketing itself is vital.

Generic marketing emails are boring. They are not as effective as they were before. Today, it is all about automation and personalization is the thing that makes email marketing essential for 2019.

Email is the trigger that stimulates action, especially when it is accompanied by your marketing techniques. When you trigger your email marketing around a specific product and then follow up with a discounted price, this can be very effective.

Personalized emails are the future.

Ready to Take Online Marketing Further

Marketing comes a long way. From air time on the radio in the 20s to social media posts. The medium has evolved, however, the intent behind the message hasn’t.

While some of these digital marketing trends are well known, others might surprise you. Either way, these trends will shape the marketing industry so it is better if you get ahead and consider using them into your future campaigns.

What do you think about these trends? Which of these do you think will dominate in 2019? If you’ve already integrated these trends in your marketing campaigns, what is your experience so far?

Share in the comments below.